the website and on-line shop are up… finally!


well, this took us a ‘little’ longer than expected, but here it is, the Genevieve Graham Clothing website and on-line shop!

as a way to say “sorry for taking so long!”, to thank you all for being so patient and to celebrate the solstice launch of the site, we are having a sale! all accessories in the SHOP are 15% off until july 4th.

i hope you enjoy the site, be sure to check back regularly as there are quite a few recently finished pieces that will be going up over the next few weeks/months.

have a wonderful weekend and happy solstice!!


big quartz front3

quartz and metal necklace series- large clear quartz with steel.


this lovely piece is currently on-sale in the SHOP.


2julian likes the colour one better..



tricky business drilling into this amethyst today.  a little frustrating but well worth it.. listening to this helped keep things calm.


promises, promises..

i feel so silly, i looked back and have been promising a website for a year (or more) now, oops! it really is coming, it’s so close, it looks beautiful and i’m very excited to get it up! but i won’t make any promises as to when, but it will be soon, haha. i’ve been awfully busy trying to juggle everything to do with business.. and life and this blog has really suffered, sorry (if there’s anyone following anymore!) there are lots of new pieces that have come and gone but i am saving them for the website.

something that is finished are the parachute photos/story, i am also waiting for the website before i release the package but i thought maybe i would share one more photo as i am terrible with waiting for things.

one last exciting thing (for me anyways) is i bought a gorgeous 1978 u.s military khaki green cotton/nylon parachute! the ropes are a pale blue/grey and the colours together are dreamy. i will be starting a new parachute piece in the coming months and i can’t wait! it may take another year but i will definitely be posting in progress shots.

in the meantime, here’s one more photo..


parachute flow1

(photo shot by kyla hemmelgarn )

parachute in colour

parachute colour 4

colour shot of the parachute.. the full set will be up on the new site in the next couple weeks, yay!

happy weekend all!

(photo shot by kyla hemmelgarn)


step 1

step 1

step 2

step 2

finished linen

the outcome!

 today = starting a new piece!




delicious brown silk organza + shibori + discharge dyeing + starting a new piece = today.



close up

soon to be wedding dress..

beach treasures = cutting weights


cutting my hand dyed (shibori) linen for upcoming bags..


bags and rocks

bags and rocks

beautiful accessories coming for summer! hand dyed linen shibori bags and crystal macrame necklaces.

loving getting my hands dirty these days..